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  • Chili Shack Burger Seasoning

    Making burgers at home?

    Why not try our authentic Burger Seasoning!

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  • Chili Shack Chip Seasoning

    Ever wondered how we make our chips taste so good?

    Recreate that amazing Chili Shack taste at home with our smoked paprika Chip Seasoning!

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  • Jalapeno-Sauce

    Jalapeno Horror

    This snappy little jalapeño dip is brimming with zesty flavours, with a hint of heat! Designed for people who like to keep things cool! Adds a real punch to salads, nachos and makes for a perfect party dip.

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  • habanero-hot-sauce

    Habanero Heatwave

    This no-nonsense Habanero sauce is the ideal combination of flavour and HEAT! Perfect for adding spice to grilled meats, salads and summer BBQs, treat your tastebuds and grab a bottle today!

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