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Step right up folks, and get some of the hottest hot sauce west of the Shannon! Shack Sauces are packed full of sensational, spicy flavours, and delivered right to your door. Available in Naga, Habanero and Jalapeno flavours, there’s something to suit all taste buds. Order your bottles of Shack Sauces today!

This snappy little jalapeño dip is brimming with zesty flavours, with a hint of heat! Designed for people who like to keep things cool! Adds a real punch to salads, nachos and makes for a perfect party dip.


This no-nonsense Habanero sauce is the ideal combination of flavour and HEAT! Perfect for adding spice to grilled meats, salads and summer BBQs, treat your tastebuds and grab a bottle today!


Commonly known as the ghost pepper, Naga is one of the hottest chillies in the world, and this face melting sauce is packed full of them! One for experienced spice-masters, use with extreme caution!


Spice up your loved ones’ lives with our Shack Sauces Gift Set! Each box contains our signature Naga Face Melter, Habanero Heatwave and Jalapeno Horror hot sauces, so whether your looking for a spicy Secret Santa pressie or a saucy Valentines day gift for that someone special, we’ve got you covered.


Making burgers at home? Why not try our authentic Burger Seasoning!


Ever wondered how we make our chips taste so good? Recreate that amazing Chili Shack taste at home with our smoked paprika Chip Seasoning!